This image is the cover for the book My Best Friends

My Best Friends

Joachim lives in a huge metropolis, in London, today. A few years ago, he lived in another world… a very small village in Southern Spain. The place where he was born and raised. Two different worlds, nothing strange. The strange thing is that Joachim, today, feels like an alien in both of them. Why? He still loves to do something that most of the people, including his best friends, don't do anymore, in both of the worlds. A simple human habit in danger of extinction. He misses this something so much… that he is, almost, losing the hope to be able to do it again on this planet. He misses this something so much… that he almost convinces himself that he has new friends, new best friends, not real ones, who replaced those of flesh and blood. Will anyone understand him? Will someone help him save the "human" world? Who will comfort him? His best friends…?

Fabrizio True

Fabrizio True is an eclectic. Born in 1976, he is from Calabria, South Italy. All his Italian teachers told him that he was a writer. So, since he was 14 years old, he grew up hosting, communicating, having ‘live’ human exchanges, ‘talking’, above all having fun with people from all over the world, on holiday in his family Stay Farm. Fabrizio graduated in environmental economics and did many different jobs. He travelled around a lot, always meeting, communicating with new people and sharing new adventures. He has been living in London for five years and here, finally, he started to write, but not in Italian. This is his first little big book, madly though and written in his second language, with easy and, he hopes, effective English.

Austin Macauley Publishers