This image is the cover for the book Summit, Images of America

Summit, Images of America

Summit, fittingly named after its location astride a rise, was built on that low ridge crossed by travelers seeking a convenient route into America�s interior. As a portal to the North American interior, Summit�s land has witnessed the travels and pauses of Native Americans, French explorers and missionaries, fur traders, the English, and finally Colonial Americans. To this day, it remains synonymous with unsurpassed transportation advantages, having stimulated considerable commercial, industrial, and urban growth. From its earliest hut to its latest futuristic library, Summit has played an irreplaceable role in the progress of the United States.

Robert Kott

Robert Kott, a lifelong Summit resident, is an emeritus member of the Illinois State Academy of Science and president of the Summit Area Historical Society. His writings have appeared in numerous publications, from the Times newspaper of Lyons to Illinois State publications and the journal National Geographic Research.