This image is the cover for the book Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure OGN

Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure OGN

IN 1861, AMERICA’S GREATEST DETECTIVE SAVED THE LIFE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. AND THIS IS HER TRUE STORY. America is at a crossroads. Abraham Lincoln, the man tasked with healing the nation, and his family are the targets of a conspiracy to assassinate them. Their safety – and the future of the American experiment – hinges on the success of a new kind of lawman, known by a word still novel in the culture: detective. But there was only one detective whose extraordinary cleverness, versatility and mystery made them a singular individual who could save their lives. Her name was Kate Warne. And this is the true story of America’s first woman detective, who saved the life of her country’s greatest president and may have even surpassed the accomplishments of the famed Allan Pinkerton.

Jeff Jensen, George Schall

BOOM! Studios