This image is the cover for the book Rosella, Snowflake and Mary

Rosella, Snowflake and Mary

Old King Frederick lived in a country called Philiphia with his three children: Rosella, Snowflake, and Mary. He wanted to leave his crown in the right hands. Whoever out of his three daughters brings him the greatest treasure first will become the queen. Princess Rosella was the witch of the family. She loved: magic wands, pointy hats, cloaks, cauldrons, broomsticks, diamond mobile mirrors, and flying books. Snowflake loved: winter dresses, winter, ice-skating, snow fairies, polar bears, ice creams, and northern lights. Mary was great at painting. She was a rainbow princess. She had a rainbow magic wand, a magic paint set, a collection of colourful dresses, and a lot of friends. All three princesses imagined themselves to be the queens of the kingdom. I wonder, who will be the queen?

Elena Sommers

Elena Sommers is a visually impaired children’s story writer who writes the most captivating fairy tales for kids (ages 2 and 12). Her stories are about: kings, queens, princesses, forces of nature, fairies, gnomes, goblins and elves. Each story has enchanted objects: magic stones, flying broomsticks, invisibility elixirs, teleportation taxis or a wishing fish. They encourage young readers to dive into the magical worlds of fairy tales and experience for themselves the enchantments of reading.