This image is the cover for the book Highlands, New Jersey, Making of America

Highlands, New Jersey, Making of America

Seated majestically upon a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Highlands, one of New Jersey�s most famous and romantic coastal towns, has served, in turns, as sanctuary, battlefield, resort destination, and home to generations of Americans, both immigrant and native. Its history, in many ways, mirrors the epic tale of America�s evolution: an untamed wilderness yielding under the determination and sacrifice of a people laboring to create an enduring community�and in Highlands, they succeeded. Highlands, Ney Jersey chronicles this town�s remarkable journey across four centuries of adventure, adversity, and prosperity, from the first New World explorers, such as Verrazano and Henry Hudson, to the present-day men and women who work, live, and play along these picturesque shores. This illustrated volume provides a rare glimpse into the Highlands of yesteryear and introduces readers to a cast of unique characters against a backdrop of major local and nation events, such as the Revolutionary War, the luxury era of Highlands in the nineteenth century, its incorporation in 1900, and the gold rush of 1948. Through these stories and their vivid images, the personality and charm of Highlands come to life, reminding today�s residents and visitors why this setting has served as a source of inspiration for scores of writers, artists, and businessmen over the years.

John P. King

Local historian John P. King has compiled a highly readable narrative, complemented by an assortment of black-and-white images, showcasing the town�s growth and changes over the passing decades. A fitting portrait of the community, Highlands, New Jersey remembers and celebrates the people and milestones that made this town truly special in the American experience.

Arcadia Publishing