This image is the cover for the book How to Catch a Lobster in Downeast Maine

How to Catch a Lobster in Downeast Maine

An insider’s look at the daily lives of Maine’s lobster fishermen.

What is it like to live and work in a lobster fishing village in one of the most remote parts of Maine? The extreme weather conditions of the Maine coast, unreliable fishing seasons and an ever-present element of danger are just a few of the challenges encountered by lobster fishermen. They must adapt to constant change and balance exploiting the natural resource for personal profit with a duty to conserve lobster stocks for future generations. Despite the challenges, most would not trade the benefits of their job—from the independence it offers to unique pastimes like lobster boat racing. These fishermen aren’t just the masters of their ships, they are the captains of their souls. From a family of four generations of lobster fishermen, Christina Lemieux Oragano provides a glimpse inside these lobstering communities and celebrates it for those lucky enough to live it—the trials, triumphs and even a few of her favorite lobster recipes.

“Her first book is a comprehensive, authentic, and honest insider’s look at the life of a Maine lobsterman. The book covers the strategy involved (they don’t just plunk those traps anywhere), the complexities of the market, the perils of the profession, the finer points of lobster-boat design, and even the unwritten rules that lobstermen use to police their waters (they are strictly, if unofficially, enforced).” —Colby Magazine

“With an abundance of romanticized and dramatic fishing stories on the shelves, Christina wanted to tell the story in an accurate way and felt a responsibility not just to the fishermen but to her family also.” —Machias Valley Observer

“Christina lived in Cutler, worked in the industry and then interviewed a number of people to make this book possible. My first question for her is when will the next book come out?” —Maine Coastal News

Christina Lemieux Oragona

Christina Lemieux Oragano was born and raised in Cutler, Maine, where her family has been in the lobster industry for four generations. When she was ten years old, Christina began working summers and school breaks on her father's lobster boat and continued to do so until she graduated from college. After college, Christina began a career in advertising, working in San Francisco and New York before moving to London, where she met and married her husband, Anthony. She and Anthony continue to live in London, where they raise their three children. Christina's continued passion for the lobster industry is evidenced through her blogging, her experimentation with new lobster recipes and her dedication to rolling her sleeves up and helping her fishing family with everything from buoy painting to lobster trap hauling during trips back to Cutler.

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