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Four Corners of the World

A scintillating collection of mysteries and adventures from the brilliant mind of A. E. W. Mason

When Archie Cranfield’s father asked Mr. Twiss to look after his son as well as advise him financially, the solicitor had no idea what he was agreeing to. A furtive smile permanently etched on his face, Archie lives alone in the countryside. His neighbors do not like him, and Captain Brayton, a former schoolmate, had a falling-out with him years ago and has not seen him since. Then the oddest surprise of all—Archie invites Brayton for a weekend visit and the captain winds up dead. Is it suicide, or is the young Mr. Cranfield as guilty as he looks?

“The Clock” is the first of thirteen enthralling tales of suspense in The Four Corners of the World. A. E. W. Mason’s masterful collection moves from Gibralter to South America, from a brutal wartime drama to a terrible murder solved by the inimitable Inspector Hanaud.

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A. E. W. Mason

A. E. W. Mason (1865–1948) was a bestselling author of mystery and adventure fiction. He is best remembered for the novel The Four Feathers and for his series of mysteries featuring Inspector Hanaud of the Paris Sûreté.