Every detective has his demons. Few are actually hunted by them…

It’s been a long time since Inspector Nicolas Lenoir loved his work. Once a legend in the Metropolitan Police, Lenoir learned the hard way that justice, like everything else in Kennian, can be bought. These days—much to the frustration of his hard-working partner, Sergeant Bran Kody—Lenoir spends more time drinking than investigating their current assignment: a string of missing corpses.

But when his young orphan informant goes missing, Lenoir is forced to dust off his renowned skills – fast. Zach’s life is in danger, and his kidnapping may hold the key to unraveling the mystery of the corpse thieves. Lenoir and Kody follow what few leads they have into Kennian’s darkest corners, tangling with body snatchers, witchdoctors, and necromancers. But the gruesome case also draws something far more dangerous back into Lenoir’s life: the Darkwalker.

Ten years ago, Lenoir barely escaped the Darkwalker’s clutches, but the immortal champion of the dead never forgets a debt, and Lenoir always knew his would come due one day. His time is up—just when he needs it most. Zach is surely doomed unless Lenoir can unravel the mystery. But with his own life numbered in hours, he will have to work fast, lest the Darkwalker have one more soul to avenge.

E.L. Tettensor

JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.