This image is the cover for the book The Legend of the Resourceful Princess, Volume 8

The Legend of the Resourceful Princess, Volume 8

It has been adapted into comic:Evil MatchBecause of framed by her trusted friends, she was forced to jump off the cliff but did not die. When she opened her eyes again, she found that she had been reborn to a poor girl in ancient times. The girl was stunned by her father's abuse, just because her father wanted her to marry Lord Nine who had a bad reputation, but she didn't want to.Such a girl born with hardships, while being bullied by her stepmother and calculated by her father, decided in despair to live strong. After all, life only has hope when she survives. She married Lord Nine, and found that Lord Nine was not as terrible as rumors, and she gradually fell in love with this gentle and kind man. But there are countless difficulties and obstacles in the future, how will she solve all these problems smoothly?☆About the Author☆Ji Xie Jian Pan, an author of online novels, she is good at writing romance novels. She wrote The Legend of the Resourceful Princess with exquisite emotional descriptions and distinctive characters, which has been loved by readers.

Ji Xiejianpan, Lemon Novel