This image is the cover for the book Reformed and Evangelical across Four Centuries

Reformed and Evangelical across Four Centuries

Choice Outstanding Academic Title (2022)

A definitive history of evangelical Presbyterianism in America

Reformed and Evangelical across Four Centuries tells the story of the Presbyterian church in the United States, beginning with its British foundations and extending to its present-day expression in multiple American Presbyterian denominations. This account emphasizes the role of the evangelical movement in shaping various Presbyterian bodies in America, especially in the twentieth century amid increasing departures from traditional Calvinism, historic orthodoxy, and a focus on biblical authority. Particular attention is also given to crucial elements of diversity in the Presbyterian story, with increasing numbers of African American, Latino/a, and Korean American Presbyterians—among others—in the twenty-first century. Overall, this book will be a bountiful resource to anyone curious about what it means to be Presbyterian in the multidimensional American context, as well as to anyone looking to understand this piece of the larger history of Christianity in the United States.

Nathan Feldmeth, S. Donald Fortson, Garth M. Rosell, Kenneth J. Stewart, George M. Marsden

Nathan P. Feldmeth is senior assistant professor of church history at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also the author of the Pocket Dictionary of Church History.

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.