This image is the cover for the book Family of Farmers

Family of Farmers

In a world where one’s field isn’t just a piece of land but a reflection of their identity, each patch of soil represents a person’s legacy, dreams, and their very essence. Family of Farmers tells the tale of such a world, where every individual is intrinsically connected to their field, and through it, to the very fabric of life itself. Dive into a narrative that intertwines personal destinies with the ebb and flow of nature, reminding us of the deep-rooted bond between mankind and the earth.

Terezia Kontova

Terézia Kontová has Slovak-Hungarian-Jewish roots. She has written three books in English and self-published on Amazon – The Uphill Hike won the 2018 San Francisco Book Festival Honorary Mention, The Heartbeat attained the Honorary Mention in the 2019 San Francisco Book Festival, and The Manual Workers’ Family won the 2020 Eric Hoffer Awards.

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