This image is the cover for the book Think Not of Me

Think Not of Me

After a tragic accident 5 years ago, Cisco has become an emotionally bankrupt man, which has led him to a crude life on the streets. Unbeknownst to him, a demon named “Ratsunatsue” has chosen Cisco as its vessel to manifest into the physical world. With the help of otherworldly entities, Cisco gains access to an elemental spectral flame that allows him to embody the abilities of the spirit dimension, and thus he gains the tools to face off Ratsunatsue. He will also need the help of friends that he meets along the way to defeat the demon. If he fails, Ratsunatsue will summon the rest of his brethren and bring hell upon Earth.

Christopher G. E.

The author, Christopher G.E., lives in Texas and has one cat.

Austin Macauley Publishers