This image is the cover for the book The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond

Twins named Liam and Casey were born with magic powers. Liam was kidnapped by a man named Bert on the day he was born. Bert longed for a magic diamond owned by the father of the twins, Alex. Alex left his wife, Emma, for twelve years to find his lost son. But when he came back without his son, his wife was with another man, Antonio, and they had a daughter, Liamina, together.
Meanwhile, Liam thought the kidnapper was his real father. He had a misadventure that drove him to flee from the house of his kidnapper, believing that he had fled away from his real father. After some time alone, his mother found him accidentally. Hard for Liam to believe, he decided not to trust his real mother in order to avoid more suffering, despite his girlfriend, Anna, begging him to hear his mother’s version.
Luckily, Liam’s stepmother, Naomie, had also fled her husband Bert with her sons, Daniel and Jim. They also explained to him that Bert was not his real father. He then decided to help his brother and his father after the confirmation that Bert had kidnapped him. The circumstances oblige him to do worse than he had ever done to save his family without knowing that he had more than just magic powers inside him.

Giovanno G.J. Collard

Giovanno is a fan of fantastic films and likes to see exceptional endings in the movies. He, along with his brothers and sister, grew up with his father who had been alone since Giovanno was five years old. They lived in a small room until he was thirteen.
Giovanno is passionate about sports cars but keeps his cool when he sees a nice car. All he would like to have is his own house and to be able to give a house to his father. He is currently an air-conditioning technician but, for the last four years, has also been working on his book.
When Giovanno first started writing his book, he wanted to finish it ASAP, but then he thought to himself that he had a chance to give readers the pleasure of reading, so he decided to take his time to make his book better. He was amazed by his own reactions he had while rereading the manuscript, forgetting each time he reread what he had written and he hopes that the readers will have the same reaction as him.

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