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The Shortbread Tales

The recipe: the rich mixture of stories that comprise The Shortbread Tales brings the reader face to face with a diversity of yarns, covering encounters with the SAS in Borneo, robberies, horse racing, financial escapades and ghostly experiences. The locations are as varied as the subject matter: from South Shields to the South Seas. All the short stories have the cachet of being true, or taken with a pinch of salt; the majority were experienced first-hand by the author. A vital ingredient is comedy. The stories recognize and amplify the funny side of life, they are devoid of social comment. Instead they aim to uplift the spirit through humour. The twenty tales comprise quick, easy and rewarding reads, with which people of all ages, can readily relate. The Shortbread Tales provide ideal bedtime reads, travelling material, or waiting room companions. They are delivered with insight, and are well-crafted to entertain and amuse the reader. Cook's tip: perfect for reading on a tea break. Serve with a cuppa and a shortbread biscuit. Bon appétit!

Mrs Milligan

From preparatory school to graduation day she always doubted the suitability of her education for a career in offshore engineering. Apparently morning meetings on North Sea platforms are not conducted in Middle English. Never once was her opinion sought on the aftermath of the Peloponnesian wars.
She was, however, frequently asked: “Can you type?”
Eventually, she rose to head up her own department in an international offshore contracting company.
Many years a full-time mother followed, and has concluded.
Creativity, and a new challenge, were sought and found in writing. Thus the twenty short stories comprising The Shortbread Tales came to fruition.

Austin Macauley Publishers