This image is the cover for the book Caretakers


A hospital administrator copes with chaos and death at his new job—but one act of terror will create an emergency he never imagined . . .

Eastern College Hospital is on its third administrator in four years—and newly arrived Doug Carpenter is already finding it a challenge to provide quality care with the existing atmosphere of power struggles and greed. The combative environment obstructs any chance at a smooth-running operation and threatens Doug’s authority—but that’s not all. A patient commits suicide. A drunk anesthesiologist kills a mother during an emergency delivery. Several patients fall victim to an “angel of death,” and another is poisoned by an unscrupulous doctor.

Then a union strike explodes into violence—and something much more precious to Doug than his career is endangered . . .

William T. Delamar

William T. Delamar was born in Durham, North Carolina, in a home full of books, which ignited a love for reading. In high school, he worked part-time at Duke University Press, further increasing his insatiable desire for literature.
He served in the navy as a weatherman, received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and a master’s degree from Antioch University. After thirty-five years’ experience in hospital organization and development, ranging from methods and procedures examiner to CEO, Delamar became a founding member of the Hospital Management and Information Society. Under his guidance, it grew from twenty-eight members to thousands internationally.
Delamar was on the board of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, having served five times as president. His works include: The Hidden Congregation, The Caretakers, Patients in Purgatory, and The Brother Voice. He crossed over to join his wife Gloria in 2022.

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