This image is the cover for the book My Life: A Few Points on Being Heath Robinson

My Life: A Few Points on Being Heath Robinson

This autobiography comes about as many people, on knowing the things that have made Heath Robinson the person that he is today, have suggested that he should write his life story. It is a story that covers a portion of some 60 years of his life; beginning with his life as a jackaroo and an overseer with the Australian Agricultural Company on sheep and cattle stations; some exploits incurred during this time. He worked on properties in western New South Wales, central and far western Queensland and The Barkly Tablelands in the northern territory during the early 1960s. A promising career that was cut short by a tractor accident on the Diamantina River in the Channel Country of far west Queensland in 1966. His recovery and then time spent managing for private individuals on development properties in New South Wales. His marriage and the changes brought about by the addition of children, their return to Sydney and a new life covering the highs and low points, the stresses and struggles as he sought to carve out his own niche in the world of commerce, manufacturing, and multinational companies. Everything is discussed in this book.

W. Heath Robinson

The author presents to you a segment of approximately 60 years in the life of an ordinary man who has led what some would say has been an extraordinary life. His exploits from age 15 when he left home and began life as a jackaroo and then overseer with Australian Agricultural Company on cattle stations in New South Wales, far Western Queensland and the Barkley Tableland of the Northern Territory. The highs and triumphs, in both sickness and health. His time as a manager on properties in NSW and his return to a different life in the city and his struggles as a businessman in the competitive world of manufacturing, finance and multinational companies.

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