This image is the cover for the book Daughter's Trust

Daughter's Trust

Sue Bookman wishes she believed that Rick Kraynick would make the best parent for her tiny foster baby. As the girl's uncle, he's got a strong claim. But so does the child's grandmother, and Sue knows that if Rick gets custody, he won't let the woman anywhere near. Sue even gets why.

But where would Sue be today if she hadn't had a grandmother who loved her unconditionally? While she likes Rick—okay, she more than likes him—the man wants a replacement family. Can he really see the child in her arms or is he blinded by the daughter he lost?

And will he ever forgive her if she doesn't choose him?

Tara Taylor Quinn

Tara Taylor Quinn, is a USA Today–bestselling author of one hundred novels, which have been translated into twenty languages and has sold more than seven million copies. Known for her intense emotional fiction, Quinn’s novels have received critical acclaim, including the 2008 National Reader’s Choice Award, and five RITA Award finalist, and a former president and board director of the Romance Writers of America. She has appeared often on local and national TV, including CBS Sunday Morning. For additional offers, news, and contests, visit the author at