This image is the cover for the book Strategos: Island in the Storm, Strategos

Strategos: Island in the Storm, Strategos

A clash of empires that will echo for eternity…

AD 1071. Emperor Romanus Diogenes has rekindled the guttering flame of Byzantium, and a reinvigorated empire rises to meet the Seljuk threat. In the eastern borderlands, two vital strongholds hang in the balance: Manzikert and Chliat. The Byzantines and Seljuks race to secure the twin fortress-towns.

Apion rides by the emperor’s side as they march east, marshalling Byzantium’s armies for the conflict that is to come. He knows only too well that the threat posed by the Sultan’s hordes is well-matched by malevolent forces within the Byzantine ranks. Thus, the road to war is a savage one, but one he cannot refuse. For at its end, Fate beckons, taunting him with a choice of two futures.

On the plains of Manzikert, one great power will rise and another will fall. On the plains of Manzikert, Apion will face the storm.

The epic conclusion to the Strategos series, perfect for fans of David Gilman and Christian Cameron.

Gordon Doherty

Gordon’s love of history was first kindled by visits to the misty ruins of Roman Britain and the sun-baked antiquities of Turkey and Greece. His research expeditions since have taken him all over the world and back and forth through time, allowing him to write tales of the Roman Empire, Byzantium, Classical Greece and the Bronze Age.

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