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MORTAL INSTRUMENTS MEETS EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY Katherine Munroe is most definitely not your typical teen and just about the only thing typical are her high school boy problems. She does however have quite the amazing ability to draw and much to her own confusion she accidentally lights things on fire. Even more plaguing are her reoccurring hallucinations, always thinking she is losing it, or so she thought. But then, after a horrific attack on her life resulting in the death of her father, she realizes there is something...more. Anzu, a winged beast of a different sort, and subject of Katherine's hallucinations, saves her and become's her guardian. Bereaved over the loss of her father, she quickly discovers the unthinkable. Her entire township, as she knew, is a secret government experiment. And her father? Well, he was more of a caretaker since her birth. This rogue operation, better known as Project Indigo, is at war with a corrupted race of aliens. In order to save the world and defeat The Corrupted they need the help of Katherine. Through special training and the discovery of her abilities, Katherine and Project Indigo battle the entities set to destroy them while she discovers the truth about her family, her lineage, and her future.

Christopher De Sousa

Christopher De Sousa was born in Nelson, New Zealand. Upon completion of college, he went on to study at Victoria University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Triple Major in Theatre, Film, and Criminology. Once finished, he travelled to the USA and worked on a couple of feature films before returning home to his native New Zealand where he pursued a degree in Accounting. He now works as an Accountant and is in the process of studying to become chartered whilst writing books for you all to enjoy including his new HIT debut series THE INDIGO PROJECT!

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