This image is the cover for the book Light Thickens, Roderick Alleyn

Light Thickens, Roderick Alleyn

From the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master, this tale of death at the Dolphin Theatre has “wit, charm, and oodles of atmosphere” (Kirkus Reviews).

Among theater folk, “the Scottish play” is considered unlucky, so much so that tradition requires anyone who utters its proper name backstage to leave the building, spin around, spit, curse, and then request permission to re-enter. As director Peregrine Jay directs a production of Shakespeare’s great work at the Dolphin Theater, misfortune does indeed abound, including some ugly practical jokes—and a grisly death for the leading man. It’s up to Roderick Alleyn to find out who has blood on their hands . . .

“No playwright could devise a better curtain.” —Los Angeles Times

“As always she writes most elegantly.” —Daily Telegraph

“The doyenne of traditional mystery writers.” —The New York Times

Ngaio Marsh

Dame Ngaio Marsh was one of the queens of the golden age of mystery and the author of 32 titles in the Inspector Roderick Alleyn series. She was born and grew up in New Zealand. Theater was perhaps her greatest passion in life, and she directed and produced a number of plays.

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