This image is the cover for the book The Half Child

The Half Child

A half-demon, half-vampire child is born to a royal family. His birth causes a huge conflict between the humans, demons, and the vampires. A mysterious old man saves him from his parents’ killer, and the world thinks he is dead. He continues to live a normal life, trying to know more about his life and to train to become stronger. Later, he discovers children are being kidnapped and murdered. Under the guidance of the old man, he decides to awaken his powers, with the help of a smart lady, to help children across the world. Soon he realizes things are not as easy as they seem, and his life is turned upside down after being betrayed.

Asma Almansoori

Asma Almansoori is not fond of reading books, why is that? Because she finds them boring and they do not have pictures. Unlike her, people use their imagination while reading. She wrote this book trying to change her point of view on books. While doing that, she was finally able to find her lost imagination. That is how The Half Child was created.

Austin Macauley Publishers