This image is the cover for the book Dirty Daniel

Dirty Daniel

Daniel does not want to be clean. He refuses to get a bath. He has chewing gum and spiders in his hair, but he doesn’t care. He loves being dirty! Until…one day he meets Mr Corn. He has a bad experience, which changes his attitude forever. If you have ever had problems getting your children to have a bath, this book is a must.

Nancy Kenkay

Nancy Kenkay was born in Durham and now lives in Yorkshire. She has an English and Drama degree, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and a Diploma in Counselling. She has worked with children as a teacher for over 30 years. The story of Dirty Daniel was originally created for her two sons. It was her sons who encouraged her to publish the book for other children to read, as it was their favourite story when they were young.

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