This image is the cover for the book Cold Blood, The Yorkshire Murder Thrillers

Cold Blood, The Yorkshire Murder Thrillers

A police inspector is drawn outside of his jurisdiction into the puzzling cold case of a missing girl, in this crime thriller by the author of Dead Cold.

When DCI Liam Bennet receives an unexpected message from Lorraine, his ex-partner, he hopes that she wants to reconnect with Joe, their ten-year-old son. But all she wants is his help. She’s part of a small film crew investigating a cold case in her home village of Lampton and she wants Bennet to access police files. He wants no part of it. But when Joe learns his mother has been back in touch, he orders his father to find her.

Bennet takes time off work for what he thinks will be a quick trip to a tiny Peak District village. He’s got no idea that he’s about to be drawn into an obsessive hunt. In Lampton, the locals think he’s investigating the missing girl cold case and want him gone. It looks like the film crew also hit the same wall of silence. But why is there no evidence they ever left the village? Did something happen to the film crew? Is it connected to a missing young girl? And just how many of the locals know more than they’re saying? When a grim discovery is made in a local lake, Bennet finds himself in a race against time. It’s not his case, not his jurisdiction, but he’s determined to uncover the truth . . .

Cold Blood is the perfect read for fans of authors like K.L. Slater, Robert Bryndza and Angela Marsons.

Jane Heafield

Jane was born and raised in South Yorkshire, where she works as a scientist in a busy hospital. When not using a microscope or a TV remote, she likes to write. Plotting for her novels is done with a voice recorder while strolling around English Heritage sites. She loves all things crime and cannot sleep without an audiobook blaring. Her partner cannot sleep because of this.

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