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Storm from the East

The greatest conquest in history

Genghis Khan left an empire more than twice the size of Alexander’s: his successors went on to conquer and govern an area stretching from Korea to the River Danube. How did a band of nomadic herdsmen achieve so much, so fast?

Despite these stunning achievements, many writers dismiss the Mongols as just ferocious barbarians. This bestselling book sets the record straight. The epic starts in 1206 - when Genghis became master of ‘all the people with felt tents’ and an unknown tribe took the first steps towards world domination - and ends with the empire’s decline and fall, after Khubilai Khan’s triumphant unification with China.

Robert Marshall describes their devastating invasions, including that of feudal Europe and Christendom’s clumsy attempts to understand and fend off these legendary warriors. Full of extraordinary events, painted on a vast and colourful canvas, Storm from the East brings to life a time when East and West finally came face to face and the contours of modern Asia were set.

Storm from the East does not seek to excuse Mongol excesses - yet Robert Marshall appears to speak for the Mongols… A fascinating voyage through time and space’ Thomas Nivison Haining in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall is a writer and producer of more than a 100 titles for TV and cinema, and the author of 4 books. He spent 20 years at the BBC, ran independent production companies, pioneered live screening of the performing arts and was an Executive Producer for Shakespeare’s Globe. He returned to his native Australia and now lectures at Curtin University, and is still writing.

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