This image is the cover for the book Hubby, Let's Cultivate Together, Volume 5

Hubby, Let's Cultivate Together, Volume 5

"Husband, let's dual cultivate!" She blinked and looked miserable. The man smiled. "Are you sure?" "Confirmed + 10086!" She raised her hand in excitement, swearing an oath. Her expression quickly changed, "You, you, you, what are you doing?!" With an innocent expression, the man tossed the thin veil to the side. "Duo Cultivation." "It's not this dual cultivator, ahhhhhhhhhh..." Who said that trash couldn't cultivate? Not only did she want to cultivate, she also wanted to drag Xuan Ba's cultivation with her! When the waste of firewood to attack the peak of life, the deep of the world no longer have the confusion of flowers, our story, has never been the beginning of a moral double cultivation.

Ye Fenfan, Lemon Novel