This image is the cover for the book Unfaithful CEO's Pretty Ex-wife, Volume 6

Unfaithful CEO's Pretty Ex-wife, Volume 6

Xia Ying never thought that the person who was going to buy her hotel would actually be her ex-husband Yang Xichen.

The moment she saw Yang Xichen, Xia Ying uncontrollably took two steps back, the documents in her hands fell to the ground, scattering everywhere.

For a moment, everyone in the meeting room focused their gazes on Xia Ying.

Just as she was about to escape, Yang Xichen's voice was like a death god's sentence, locking her in place.

"Ms. Xia, we can talk about the purchase."

The clear and cold voice was like a sharp knife that slashed at Xia Ying's heart.

The current her only thought was to quickly escape from this place, escape from this place with Yang Xichen.

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