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Knowing Our Faith

“I do not hope to convince you so that you will believe. That is to be left to the Holy Spirit. I write to you because you share the faith by which I live. I write so that you may share my joy in seeking to understand better this truth that our hearts believe and love.”

In Knowing Our Faith Justo González introduces the Christian faith in direct, contemporary language that does not assume prior knowledge. While recognizing the existence of various denomi­nations and theological positions, González focuses on the core faith of the Christian church through the centuries. 

Covering all the key topics—revelation, God, Jesus Christ, the Spirit, the church, Christian hope, and others—Knowing Our Faith is an ideal resource for both individual reading and small group study, with questions for discussion included at the end of each short chapter. 

This accessible resource will help readers understand the Christian faith better—and, more importantly, live it better.

Justo L. González

Justo L. González is a retired United Methodist minister and professor of historical theology. His more than one hundred books include The Story of Christianity, A History of Christian Thought, Teach Us to Pray, Knowing Our Faith, and A Brief History of Sunday.

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