This image is the cover for the book An Introduction to Israel's Wisdom Traditions

An Introduction to Israel's Wisdom Traditions

It can be a challenge to understand the Hebrew Bible’s wisdom literature and how it relates to biblical history and theology, but John L. McLaughlin makes this complicated genre straightforward and accessible.

This introductory-level textbook begins by explaining the meaning of wisdom to the Israelites and surrounding cultures before moving into the conventions of the genre and its poetic forms. The heart of the book examines Proverbs, Job, Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes), and the deuterocanonical Ben Sira and Wisdom of Solomon. McLaughlin also explores the influence of wisdom throughout the Old Testament and in the New Testament.

Designed especially for beginning students—and based on twenty-five years of teaching Israel’s wisdom literature to university students—McLaughlin’s Introduction to Israel’s Wisdom Traditions provides an informed, panoramic view of wisdom literature’s place in the biblical canon.

John L. McLaughlin

John L. McLaughlin is associate professor of Old Testament / Hebrew Bible in the Faculty of Theology, University of St. Michael's College, Toronto. His previous books include What are They Saying about Ancient Israelite Religion? and The Ancient Near East: An Essential Guide.

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