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Death of William Posters, The William Posters Trilogy

A sociopolitical misadventure from the award-winning, bestselling author of The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

Frank Dawley is a working-class escapee. After twelve years of spiritual nullification at a factory in Nottingham, five years in an alienating marriage, and two burdensome kids, Frank is finally free. He has quit his job, burned his possessions, and sold his car, and is hitching a ride to wherever the road will take him. Haunting Frank’s physical and existential travels is a ubiquitous inscription painted on nearly every street corner in England: BILL POSTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

Who is this Bill Posters, who is so relentlessly hounded by the authorities? To Frank, Bill—or William—becomes a symbol of the servile proletariat, the “put-upon dreg” whose hollow ideologies have bombarded Frank throughout his entire life. As an act of resistance, Frank becomes determined to reject—even to kill—the William Posters that lives inside of him.

Ribald misadventures ensue as Frank finds his way from England to Spain to Morocco to Algeria—and into the beds of several married women. En route, he meets a revolutionary American who ends up engaging him in a high-stakes gunrunning mission. The first volume in an epic trilogy, The Death of William Posters sends Frank headfirst into the truth of what he’s been running away from all along.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Alan Sillitoe including rare images from the author’s estate.

Alan Sillitoe

Alan Sillitoe (1928–2010) was a British novelist, poet, essayist, and playwright, known for his honest, humorous, and acerbic accounts of working-class life. Sillitoe served four years in the Royal Air Force and lived for six years in France and Spain, before returning to England. His first novel, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, was published in 1958 and was followed by a collection of short stories, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner, which won the Hawthornden Prize for Literature. With over fifty volumes to his name, Sillitoe was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1997.

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