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“A collection of essays in a variety of disciplines that confront oppressed, marginalized, and invisible space . . . an astonishing array of material.” —Theatre Research International

The fluid nature of performance studies and the widening embrace of the idea of performativity have come together in Decomposition to produce a collection that crosses disciplinary lines of academic work. The essays move from the local to the global, from history to sport, from body parts to stage productions, and from race relations to global politics.

In the title essay, Elizabeth Wood writes about a basic human relation cast around the question of performance and triangulated by the role that a great performer took within it. Together these essays pursue critical understandings of performance in our postmodern world.

Contributors include Philip Brett, Sue-Ellen Case, Susan Leigh Forster, Amelia Jones, Kristine C. Kuramitsu, George Lipsitz, Catherine Lord, Ronald Radano, Timothy D. Taylor, Jeffrey Tobin, Deborah Wong, Elizabeth Wood, and B. J. Wray

“Presents interpretive interventions of a more localized, materially and institutionally anchored, and ultimately more specific and powerful nature.” —TDR/The Drama Review

Sue-Ellen Case, Philip Brett, Susan Leigh Foster

1) Sue-Ellen Case is Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of California, Davis. She has authored and edited several books in the field of feminism and performance studies, including Feminism & Theatre; the Domain-Matrix: Performing Lesbian at the End of Print Culture; and Performing Feminisms.

2) Philip Brett is Distinguished Professor of Music at the University of California, Riverside. A leader in gay studies in musicology, he is co-editor of Queering the Pitch: The New Gay and Lesbian Musicology, and he has written extensively on the music of Benjamin Britten.

3) Susan Leigh Foster, choreographer, dancer, writer, is Professor of Dance at the University of California campuses of Riverside and Davis. She is author of Reading Dancing and Choreography and Narrative and editor of Choreographing History and Corporealities.

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