This image is the cover for the book The Stony Stage

The Stony Stage

Peter travels the world with his guitar and harmonica, searching for a sense of belonging in a remote and mysterious place called Belonging Sun. Along the way, he encounters obstacles that test his determination and resourcefulness. But he remains determined to fulfil his principle: that progress comes from taking action and not just waiting. Join Peter on his journey to find belonging in this inspiring tale of self-discovery.

Thomas Pagonis

Thomas Pagonis was born in Athens in 1974. He studied sports science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The first contact with the art of writing was channelled on the paper via versification including two collections, Ceremonial Ship Launching and Blue Rope Ladder. The Stony Stage constitutes an unwritten arena which invites every traveller to be united with it and to give there his own battle. The specific nature of The Stony Stage is made apparent in the expressing, in the flow, in the connection of the tiles into picture and feeling as well as in its innovation, where there are quotes expressed with mathematical operations.

Austin Macauley Publishers