This image is the cover for the book Perspective


James had everything most twenty-something-year old men dream of. With a place of his own in London and a man he believed to be the love of his life, he thought he had everything he had dreamed of. As the city began to take its toll on his mind, and subsequently his body, James begins to fall out of touch with reality. A reality he has purposefully built in order to protect the outside world from his truth. As it becomes clear that being sober may be his biggest challenge, a few chance encounters prove that he may be wrong. With each passing day, his dream slowly becomes a nightmare. Perspective is a gritty story told through a blunt and sometimes dark narrative. Even with humour and candour, there are no happy endings. Perspective follows James and his journey trying to find sobriety in an otherwise chaotic world. With obstacles of everyday life testing the boundaries of right and wrong, for James, addiction was just the beginning.

Cameron R Spence

Cameron R Spence is a newly published author from a tiny place that no one has ever heard of (unless you've read the back of a Carlsberg can), Northampton. He is known for his frank and unique outlook on the rebellious experiences of the young adults in his family and friends (of which there aren't many). His dark sense of humour can polarise some, but that's neither here nor there. Having done nothing with his life, Cameron Spence delved into the world of writing. When he isn't writing or self-deprecating, he is probably with his dog or painting. Perspective is his debut novel.

Austin Macauley Publishers