This image is the cover for the book It's Time for the Truth!

It's Time for the Truth!

Since the moment of President John F. Kennedy's death more than half a century ago, theories and accusations about the real identity of his assassin or assassins have abounded. The government formed the Warren Commission ostensibly to reveal the true story of that tragic day, but the Commission's report only raised more questions. Scholars and enthusiasts have become entranced by their search for the reality behind the accusations. After fifty years of waiting, the truth is here.

This is the most comprehensive primer to the JFK assassination yet. Every piece of evidence, whether it has been previously picked over or remains largely unknown, is presented. The public assertions of the Warren Commission are correlated with the primary evidence from which they worked. For readers with an avid interest in the assassination and the theories surrounding it, or those who have only the barest knowledge of its events, this eminently readable volume offers both an introduction to and a thorough examination of the crime of the century.

Charles E. Hurlburt

Charles E. Hurlburt, a retired computer programmer, worked in the research department at MIT on ARPANET, one of the precursors of the Internet. There, in 1966, he began to research the JFK assassination in the MIT libraries. In the fifty years Hurlburt has been in search of the truth, he has collaborated and corresponded with numerous other researchers and authors. A popular lecturer on the subject, Hurlburt and his wife live in Westborough, Massachusetts.

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