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Autonomous Revolution

The bestselling authors of The Virtual Corporation describe how the rise of AI and virtual environments are ushering in an epic cultural transformation.

We are at the dawn of the Autonomous Revolution, a turning point in human history as decisive as the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. More and more, AI-based machines are replacing human beings, and online environments are gathering our data and using it to manipulate us. This loss of human autonomy amounts to nothing less than a societal phase change, a fundamental paradigm shift. The same institutions will remain—schools, banks, churches, and corporations—but they will radically change form, obey new rules, and use new tools.

William H. Davidow and Michael S. Malone go deeply into the enormous implications of these developments. They show why increases in productivity no longer translate into increases in the GDP and how zero cost, one-to-many communications have been turned into tools for cybercrime and propaganda. Many of the book’s recommendations—such as using taxes to control irresponsible internet behavior and enabling people to put their data into what are essentially virtual personal information “safety deposit boxes”—are bold and visionary, but we must figure out how we will deal with these emerging challenges now, before the Autonomous Revolution overcomes us.

“Lots of books talk about what’s happening. This book talks about the why behind the what. It will transform your view of the future.”  —Geoffrey Moore, bestselling author of Crossing the Chasm

“A provocative work combining historical inquiry, present-day technology crises, and possible future solutions.”—Library Journal

William H. Davidow, Michael S. Malone, David M. Kennedy

Bill Davidow has been a high-technology industry executive and a venture capital investor for more than thirty years, having worked at managerial positions at Intel Corp., Hewlett Packard and General Electric. He is now an active advisor to Mohr Davidow Ventures, a venture capital firm. An electrical engineer by training, he has earned degrees at Dartmouth College, the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University and is the author of Marketing High Technology and a co-author of Total Customer Service and The Virtual Corporation.

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