This image is the cover for the book When Hull Freezes Over, American Chronicles

When Hull Freezes Over, American Chronicles

The peninsular community of Hull, Massachusetts, reaches a total of seven thin, sandy miles into Boston Harbor, forming a protective barrier against intruding navies and pounding waves. Unfortunately for those residents who choose to live here for the three miles of crescent-shaped beach and its attendant summer advantages, exposure to the sea during the winter months can be, at times, trying, to say the least. When Hull Freezes Over, by lifelong Hull resident and columnist John Galluzzo, is a collection of historic tales that look beyond the sunny days of summer and remember the other nine months of life along this scenic shore. From shipwrecks and drownings, to subzero temperatures and frigid arctic gales, locals have learned to enjoy their seasonal solitude, and especially enjoy the holiday season in ways only New England peninsula dwellers can.

John J. Galluzzo

John Galluzzo is the author of more than 35 books on the history and nature of Massachusetts, the northeast and the Coast Guard. He writes for the Hull Times, Scituate Mariner, and South Shore Living on a regular basis, devoting his full-time energies to the South Shore Natural Science Center where he is director of education.

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