This image is the cover for the book The Case of a Misplaced Brother

The Case of a Misplaced Brother

Greg Sanford hires private detective Zeke Masterson to find the brother he's misplaced, having last seen Rory when he dropped him off at Denver's Auraria campus two days earlier. As Zeke starts his search for the young man, he learns no one had seen him since he'd left a friend's birthday party at a campus bar.

When Rory's badly beaten body turns up in the river close to the campus, Zeke begins to wonder if there's a connection between his death and the murders of Greg and Rory's parents ten years ago -- especially after Greg tells him that Rory, who was eleven at the time, saw one of the killers.

Fearing Greg could be the killer's next target, Zeke acts as his bodyguard while they begin searching for clues to explain Rory's murder. In the process, the two men try to accept their growing attraction to each other. The question becomes, will it last once they find the killer -- if indeed that happens.

Edward Kendrick