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True Heart Intuitive Tarot

Rachel True—beloved for her role in the cult classic movie The Craft—shares her tarot knowledge, gained through a lifetime of practice. Accessible and conversational, this guidebook, which is compatible with any tarot deck, helps readers use the cards as True does: with an intuitive approach. She shares personal stories from her experiences in Hollywood to illuminate how to personalize the meaning of each card, and how—much in the way Carl Jung used them in his practice—tarot offers wisdom based on the reader’s present energy.

Download the True Heart Intuitive Tarot ebook for tarot readings on the go, or for use with your own deck. The ebook includes the full guidebook, complete with art, but does not include the physical tarot deck.

“That's the beauty of tarot; you don't need any special talents. Just your open mind. You can pick up your own deck, clear your energy, and feel empowered doing it. The only thing you'll be summoning is your own intuition, insight, and connection to spirit.”
—Rachel True, from True Heart Intuitive Tarot

Rachel True

Rachel True is an American actress who has appeared in numerous hit and cult films including The Craft, about a coven of young witches, the stoner classic Half Baked, and Greg Araki's Nowhere which premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Rachel was also the lead on the TV show Half & Half, for which she was nominated for an NAACP award. A native New Yorker and an avid bibliophile, Rachel is a life-long tarot practitioner. She now lives with her two Siamese cats in Los Angeles. Visit her website:

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