This image is the cover for the book About Time

About Time

Lou is married, in the closet, and facing bankruptcy in Carmel, California. It’s Christmas Eve and he must sell his house to pay his debts while he tries to cope with the mysterious voice in his head telling him it's time to go home. He has no idea what that means, but he's pretty sure the voice is a symptom of stress. His wife has left him for her longtime lover and when he goes to his favorite bar on Christmas Eve, all he’s hoping for is a friendly face to help him forget his problems.

When George joins him at the bar, claiming to be an old college buddy, Lou doesn’t remember him, but he can’t deny the instant attraction that springs up between them. George knows about the voice in Lou’s head, and claims to be from another world where he and Lou were bonded partners. He’s come back to help Lou remember who he is so they can be reunited.

Lou doesn’t believe a word of George’s story, but takes him home for the night to ease his own pain. The sex is so good he decides to go along with George’s delusions even though he suspects the guy is crazy. On the Carmel beach on Christmas day at sunset, George insists that the way home is within their grasp if Lou will just trust him. Lou wants to believe this strange man, but to do that he has to let go of everything he knows about how the world works.

Carol Holland March

Carol Holland March lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the veil between the worlds often disappears. She writes about the intersection of dreams, reality, and time and the romantic entanglements that ensue when the lines between them are crossed. She teaches writing and creative expression at the University of New Mexico and enjoys bike riding with a demanding dog who gives her ideas for stories in exchange for treats. Her stories have appeared in numerous online and print publications. Her romantic fantasy trilogy, The Dreamwalkers of Larreta, explores how love overcomes the barriers of both time and space.