This image is the cover for the book Out of This World

Out of This World

An accident with a dog while cycling to school is the beginning of a very spectacular adventure. Slowly coming round, Alex can remember bits of the accident: trying to brake, the collision and everything going black. Now he finds himself sitting in the verge, but also sees himself lifeless on the road. How can he be in two places at the same time? Alex is taken by mistake to the place where animals go when they leave this world: a wondrous place that is unspoilt and looks how Earth must have looked a million years ago; a place where animals live together in harmony. Being a boy, Alex is told that he can only stay till they find the place where he belongs, but in the meantime he begins an adventure where he becomes an explorer and discoverer of this exciting new world.

Linda Frietman

Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, E J Hadley was one of the three siblings brought up by working-class parents. At seventeen, she started a journey that took her to countries far and wide and through adventures one would never expect. She didn’t return to the UK until twenty-nine years later. It was during the first year of her return to the UK that she started to note down events of her life. Whenever she told people about her life and events, they would all listen in astonishment. Some fifteen years later, E J Hadley put pen to paper and started writing her life story. She is a well-travelled and well-spoken lady who has more than just an ordinary tale to tell.

Austin Macauley Publishers