This image is the cover for the book They Can Talk

They Can Talk

Find out what all those animals are saying behind the humans’ backs in this comical collection . . .

From the popular internet sensation “They Can Talk” comes a hilarious comic collection of what it would be like if we had VIP access to the lives of our animal friends and foes. Humor writer and artist Jimmy Craig offers 100 colorful comics, including the inner thoughts of creatures from across the animal kingdom—from misunderstood sharks and troublemaking bears to the often-complicated relationship between you and your pet cat.

Get dating advice from raccoons, and learn what roosters think when the sun rises and why cats are always knocking things off of shelves. They Can Talk is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who loves animals—or just loves to laugh.

Jimmy Craig

Jimmy Craig is the creator of They Can Talk- the comic series about animals that's attracted the attention of millions. He lives in the Boston-area with his wife and daughter and is currently working on various projects for Illumination Entertainment. You can find Jimmy's comics on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram.

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