This image is the cover for the book The Wishing Kitten's Christmas

The Wishing Kitten's Christmas

A little orange kitten in an animal shelter full of cats and kittens wants very much to have a home and a boy or girl of his own. He hears all the reasons why he’s not wanted and tries very hard to change how he looks and acts. His fur won’t lie flat. To fix it he carefully grooms his head every day. Because he heard a little boy in boots call him boring, he pretends to chase things and pounce on them. He’s bound to get a home, isn’t he? The Wishing Kitten is the perfect Christmas story for a child who loves cats and is encouragement for anyone who is ready to give up on a dream.

Colleen Duncan

Colleen is a 54-year-old mother of two fabulous children. She is a massage therapist with a thriving practice in her hometown of Gresham where she also welds steel for fun and gardens in whatever spare time she has. She has a cat named Tabitha who does not know she is a cat and is very interested in anything happening in the kitchen.