This image is the cover for the book Secret Surrender, Jarrett Family Sagas

Secret Surrender, Jarrett Family Sagas

“An emotionally layered and thoroughly engaging story of love lost and found” in the Old West from the author of A Wish to Build a Dream On (Paperback Forum).

The year is 1880, and Molly Durant has fallen on hard times. When her mother dies, Molly is left with a dilapidated boarding house and five siblings, all of whom she is determined to keep together. But with no boarders, and her banker fiancé set on sending her siblings to foster homes, fate seems against her. Then Molly gets an unexpected knock on her door.

Standing before her is the man to whom she once foolishly gave her body, the same man who abandoned her: Rubal Jarrett. Or someone who looks like him? The man claims to be Jubal Jarrett, twin brother of Molly’s old lover, here to survey a route for a railroad through the timberland.

“Jubal” soon has the boarding house brimming with paying guests. He plans to help her turn her life around. Only then can he leave without a guilty conscience. He will not run out on her again. But as memories of that long-ago night with Molly race through his head, will he finally be able to make amends, or will he get caught in his own trap?

“A superbly spun tale of love and desire that will capture your heart from the beginning.” —Paperback Forum

Vivian Vaughan

Diversion Books