This image is the cover for the book Fragments of My Mind

Fragments of My Mind

Fragments of My Mind features a unique collection of 20 beautifully simple poems, exploring the horizons of a story in poetic form. This debut collection captures the mysteries of everyday life and the power of the imagination, forming an accurate depiction of the world around us and the extent to which our imaginations can wander. The collection allows you to immerse yourself within the fantasies of the mind and enables you the ability to lose yourself within the written word--with genres ranging from thriller, to supernatural, and even to the nostalgic events of a childhood summer.

Ben Thornton

Ben Thornton was born in 2000 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. He attended The Skinners' School from age 11-18 where his passion for english and poetry ignited. Opting to pursue this interest further, Ben wrote this debut collection whilst studying english literature at the University of East Anglia at the age of 18.

Austin Macauley Publishers