This image is the cover for the book What Does This Button Do?

What Does This Button Do?

A New York Times–bestselling memoir by multifaceted lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, one of the most successful, influential, and enduring rock bands ever.

Singer. Songwriter. Airline captain. Aviation entrepreneur. Motivational speaker. Beer brewer. Novelist. Radio presenter. Screenwriter. World-class fencer. Icon . . .

All of these things and much more, Iron Maiden’s legendary front man Bruce Dickinson is one of the most unique and interesting men in the world. In this long-awaited memoir, Bruce contemplates the rollercoaster of life, and recounts—in his uniquely polished voice—the explosive exploits of his eccentric British childhood, the meteoric rise of Maiden, summoning the powers of darkness, the philosophy of fencing, brutishly beautiful Boeings, and dismissing cancer like an uninvited guest.

Bold, honest, intelligent, and funny, this long-awaited memoir captures the life, heart, and mind of a true rock god.

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson has been the lead singer of Iron Maiden for more than thirty years, and has pursued a successful a solo career, as well as a host of interests beyond music. Iron Maiden has sold over 90 million albums & performed over 2000 shows worldwide, making them one of the most successful rock acts of all time. He lives in London, England.