This image is the cover for the book Social-Emotional Leadership: A Guide for Youth Development

Social-Emotional Leadership: A Guide for Youth Development

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. The better they can understand themselves and work effectively with others, the greater impact they can make on the world around them. Based on research from the Center for Creative Leadership, Social-Emotional Leadership: A Guide for Youth Development identifies 14 student leadership attributes and offers tools for adults to use to develop social-emotional leadership in youth inside and outside the classroom. Social-Emotional Leadership: Reflection Journal, a blank companion journal for students is also available.  ISBN 978-1-60491-987-5

Micela Leis, Susan Reinecke

Micela Leis is a research associate in the Insights and Impact group at the Center for Creative Leadership. She leads research and evaluation for K-12 clients, especially in the areas of design and evaluation of school culture change. Her main focus of study is on the importance of trust in adult school communities. She led the development of the Leadership Indicator for Students, a tool for examining youth leadership in schools and youth-focused organization. This work was driven by her prior experience as an elementary school teacher. She holds a BA from Tufts University and a PhD in Education from the University of Virginia.

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