This image is the cover for the book Haunted Florence, Haunted America

Haunted Florence, Haunted America

Florence occupies a huge space in American history, and that past left a lot of lingering spirits. A Native American "trickster" meanders the local swamps. In Mars Bluff, a ghostly guide offers tours of a beloved plantation. A dedicated worker in the former Jamestown area still haunts a dilapidated tobacco barn. At an abandoned boardinghouse, a spectral couple searches for a lost trinket. Author H.P. Bradley details these stories and more of the historic hauntings in the Magic City.

H.P. Bradley

Heather lives in Florence with her young son, Daniel. She has her own website to communicate and connect with her ( Heather is also currently developing her own curricula for a K-12 academic education program that includes the components of 1.1 tutoring, online learning, intriguing books of every kind and community-based experiential learning.

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