This image is the cover for the book Reflections on the outside world and within

Reflections on the outside world and within

From a celebration of the harsh but beautiful Pennine landscape to soft, evocative memories of past times and a celebration of nature, this collection offers something for every taste.
The poems cover a wide range of subjects from the heartbreak of lost love, to pen portraits of people and everyday occurrences as seen through the eyes of a child. All will provide lines that will stay in the mind long after they have been read. Some will be thought-provoking or prompt a wave of sadness. Others will bring a smile in recognition of the keen observations of the mundane occurrence of our daily lives.
“But you no longer share my dreams
And spent passion has replaced my mystery.”
“We hate the supermarket queue
When people stand too close to you
And tut if there is some delay
Or think you take too long to pay.”
The Supermarket Queue
“My bleak boulders and black tarns
Reflect the brooding darkness of your northern skies.”
Pennine Landscape

Janet Connah

Educated at Newton-le-Willows Grammar school and St. John’s College, Manchester, the author is a former journalist. She joined her home town local newspaper as a junior reporter eventually becoming its news editor. She went on to work as the press officer of a local authority before joining the government information service where she was employed in regional and national press offices. In her later career she worked on media campaigns in the United Kingdom and Europe. She is married with two children and three grandsons.

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