This image is the cover for the book Grandma’s Teeth

Grandma’s Teeth

This heartwarming story explores the special bond between a grandmother and her grandchild, and the invaluable lessons that both can learn from each other. Mark is a curious young boy who delights in spending time with his beloved grandma, asking her questions and relishing in her company. In turn, his grandma is thrilled to share her wisdom and experiences with him. Follow their adventures together as they embark on exciting journeys and discover new and wonderful things. Mark’s family is also amazed and delighted to join in on the fun, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Through this touching tale, readers will be reminded of the unique and meaningful connections that can be forged between generations, and the enriching experiences that can be gained through these relationships.

Frances Sparrow

Frances was born in Kent at the beginning of World War II. She has one sister. She married and had two children and has lived in London, Essex, Yorkshire, Athens, Greece, and Berkshire. Was widowed at 47. She began writing at 75 after a stroke.

Austin Macauley Publishers