This image is the cover for the book Cookin' It with Kix

Cookin' It with Kix

The country music icon and radio/TV host shows how we all can celebrate cooking outdoors, bringing people together, and the joy of good food.

We’re talking tailgating, barbecues, and parties on the patio for two or twenty. Country music icon and radio/TV host Kix Brooks showcases the All-American pastime of celebration and cooking outdoors for family and friends.

With his Southern sense of humor and good-natured personality, Kix breaks down the art of a perfect steak or chop, the proper Southern side dishes, and amazing desserts and drinks that will make your mouth water and your stomach smile. With easy-to-understand recipes, Kix Tips, and tons of ideas, his Louisiana heritage shines through as he shares some of his treasured family recipes and the stories behind them.

In Cookin’ It with Kix, Kix highlights some of his favorite delicacies such as:D-Daddy’s Fried Fish, Big Ol’ Mess Jambalaya, Grilled and Smothered Strip Steak, Revved-Up Brussels Sprouts Slaw and more

Cookin’ It with Kix will give you what you need so you can throw down a delicious meal off the grill for you and your family or be the king at your next party.

Kix Brooks

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