This image is the cover for the book Reflections of a Country Boy

Reflections of a Country Boy

A book for everyone brought up in the 1950/60s and one which every modern-day parent should read and then pass it on, or read, to their children. It is a light-hearted book, but with serious implications at times, of the upbringing of a young boy, the author, on a North Lancashire farm, and of his life experiences gained. It portrays traditional farming as a way of life of the time, in which every family member was expected to contribute in some way, shape or form, for the smooth running of operations. It also covers the author’s introduction to the many and varied country pursuits and pastimes which he enjoys to this day. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sombre, but never boring, the author transports us through the many and varied situations he encountered in his formative years. By today’s standards, the freedom he was given by his parents, to roam and explore the area surrounding his home, would not be countenanced. More’s the pity, for a better upbringing and stress-free way of living for a youngster would be hard to envisage.

Bill Pennington

Bill Pennington spent all of his formative years on a North Lancashire Farm and was well versed in all matters farming, country pursuits and pastimes, by the time he left home at the age of sixteen to pursue a career in engineering, which he did successfully, spending virtually all of his working life in the power generation industry. However, his heart has always remained in the countryside and the pursuits carried out therein. He has been a regular contributor to many of the major game fishing and shooting magazines over many years and although he wouldn’t accept it, he is recognised as an expert in many aspects associated with these pursuits. He is also a qualified game fishing and shooting instructor and has represented England in clay pigeon shooting.

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